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Joey with an O

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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2006|08:11 pm]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |blahwhatever]

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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2006|06:50 pm]
Joey with an O
i feel like dancing..
i keep watching this le tigre performance on my profile and i want to dance with them.

ahh school was okay today
one class was cancelled and another is cancelled tomorrow
so i get home at like 10am woooooooo
this weekend is going to be good i believe.

i was going on myspace while in chemistry.. and i wonder why i find that class so hard.. im not even there mentally half the time.


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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2006|08:48 pm]
Joey with an O
i'm falling for a biracial
i win.

i went to visit him till 3am then i had to wake up at 630am to get ready for school
i was dead all day.

it was worth it.
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2006|03:38 pm]
Joey with an O
it has been over a year since i've post anything in this thing..
it would be stupid to recap my whole life because if i did that i would be here forever.

i started college.
my life has really picked up lately.

oh yea and im black blah blah blah and i can't wait to go to english monday.
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2005|06:08 pm]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |geekygeeky]
[noise in my head |Such Great Hights- The Postel Service]

Soooooooooo today me and stacy went to South Coast Plaza so she can look for stuff for mothers day and all we could find was 6000 doller watches. When we were looking for parking stacy hit a parked car and it wasnt just a scratch so we speed off like criminals. Then we went to the olive garden and got fat.. good times.... yesterday me and the gangstas went to hollywood and saw cracked out catwomen and me and kelly drove around like Gangstasss. Prom is saturday. woot. ok bye.

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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|02:11 am]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |gratefulgrateful]
[noise in my head |Work- Jimmy Eat World]

"we still have time, yea we still have time."


that time has brought us together again and i am very happy about that.

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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2005|04:34 pm]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |gratefulglad]
[noise in my head |Sweetness- Jimmy Eat Worldizzle]

I got my license



thats G.

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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|10:38 pm]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |thankfulthankful]
[noise in my head |down- something corporate]

all is well in the neighborhood....
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2005|06:32 pm]
Joey with an O
Today i sat in 1st and 2nd period
it was bad. i felt like nothing.
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2005|01:57 pm]
Joey with an O
[how i feel |gloomygloomy]
[noise in my head |how's it going to be- third eye blind]

Their are things i should be happy about this weekend. i am but i just can't keep putting on that smile with things going on right now between me my bestest friend. i have been on the verge of crying all weekend. My eyes burn. I just cant balance everything out. Its my fault for letting this happen.

i dont know whats going to happen and it scares me

listening to this song doesnt help at all either

"I wonder How it's going to be When you don't know me" i hope that never happens

it fucking hurts.

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